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Do you like quiz? Do you like puzzle? Do you like beautiful photo? Do you like memory games?
Now you can have them all together!!!

The game consists in guessing the images proposed with the lower number of aid. The aid are the colored squares in the various screens of the game: when touched, the square disappear showing a portion of the image that you have to guess. In all screens of the game one help is always given and therefore visible, it's up to you to decide whether to use other aid or try your luck answering immediately! You can choose one of the five interesting proposed answers. More correct answers you have given and less aid you used, the more your score will be high!

Try to repeat the game to boost your score Try to reach 100/100!


Vers. 1.2

- Added music in the menu!

- Solved the problem of readability of the answers.

- Added visual effect to all buttons.

- Minor bugfix.